It's finally here - the golden anniversary of Walt Disney World! For this momentous occasion we're embarking on a multi-episode event which will take us through the decades to revisit moments from the resort's past - some significant and some decidedly less so. For part one we explore the years between the announcement of the "Florida Project" in 1965 and its grand opening in 1971. We also talk to Ron Miziker, the entertainment impresario who helped pull off those fantastic opening celebrations. History, music, and more - tune up the 1,076 trombones and prep the festoonery, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Walt Disney World and the man who made it possible, Roy O. Disney, we're putting out a Progress City Extra featuring some memories of Roy by people who worked with him. Included are clips from our Progress City Town Halls with Frank Stanek and Scott Girard, featuring some elements that have not been previously broadcast. We hope you enjoy these reminisces, and join us next week for the first of our fiftieth anniversary celebration episodes!

It's no secret we love Disney park music, so we're very excited to bring you our interview with long-time Walt Disney World banjoist and Disney Legacy Award winner Pat Terry, Jr. Pat started off at Disneyland before helping open Walt Disney World alongside his father, with whom he played for more than a decade before striking out on his own. Along the way he's had some fabulous experiences and got to meet some fascinating people. From the streets of New Orleans Square to the stage of Pioneer Hall - tune up folks, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

The Progress City Radio Hour catches a blue-flagged motor launch for a look at the Vacation Kingdom via the waterways of Bay Lake! We remember an eccentric occupant of the area before Disney arrived, dig into the origins of Fort Wilderness, and explore Bay Lake's entertainment offerings of the 1970s. We also check in with legendary Walt Disney World entertainer Pat Terry, Jr. for some memories about the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. History, music, and more - peel some shrimp and tune your banjo, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

In this Progress City Town Hall we continue our discussion with veteran Disney landscaper and horticulturalist Scott Girard. Topics of discussion include Scott's influence on the landscapes of EPCOT Center and Tokyo Disneyland, some of his projects outside Disney, and his time spent as head of Disney Horticulture in the 1990s. From the gardens of Canada to the forests of Japan - plant those tiddlywinks, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

Landscaping is a fundamental part of the Disney themed experience, so we're thrilled this month to bring you a two-part Progress City Town Hall with veteran Disney landscaper and horticulturalist Scott Girard. Scott started at Disneyland in 1964, and went on to become part of the team that helped create Walt Disney World. In this part of our talk we discuss those early experiences, including encounters with Walt and Roy Disney themselves. From the orange groves of Anaheim to the swamps of Florida - stay off those topiaries, kids, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

The Progress City Radio Hour picks up our fife and drum for another celebration of the Fourth of July! In this patriotic episode we'll look back at how Disney parks celebrated the Bicentennial, and examine some very early concepts for Epcot's American Adventure. We'll also walk you through a lengthy televised spectacle of Americana from 1991. History, music, and more - strike up the band, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

The Progress City Radio Hour sets sail down the mighty Mississippi for more wild west excitement in Frontierland! In part two of this month's episode we look at how Mark Twain influenced Walt Disney's youth. We'll also look at Frontierland dining options from Disneyland's past, hear a catchy ditty about Nature's Wonderland, and continue our retrospective tour of Walt Disney World's Frontierland! History, music, and more - send down another bag of golden corn, Klondike, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

The Progress City Radio Hour hits the dusty trail in search of frontier adventure! In part one of our Frontierland episode we look at the musical legacy of some of Disney's western offerings and revisit the televised exploits of Texas John Slaughter. We also begin our trip back through time to Remember the Magic of Frontierland's past at Walt Disney World. History, music, and more - prepare for the wildest ride in the wilderness, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

The Progress City Radio Hour wakes up the glee club and returns to the wilds of Adventureland! In part two of our Adventureland episode we examine the careers of two individuals who had a great influence on this land's history - Imagineer Harper Goff and horticulturalist Bill Evans. We'll also revisit the filming of the Disney classic The Swiss Family Robinson, and Jeff holds a Polynesian feast! History, music, and more - we're offering two heads for just one of yours, it's the Progress City Radio Hour!

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